Why We Share Stories: Transformation & Connection | Brett Kaufman at the Chamber of Commerce

As we wrap up our first year of Gravity, we wanted to reflect on what we’ve learned and extend gratitude to all of you for joining us on this incredible journey. 

The vision for this podcast was to explore the human experience — the one we’re all having, and hopefully transforming and expanding and evolving as we go — because we believe that sharing our experiences, openly and honestly, can really connect us, help us, and inspire us.

We’re also including a speech that Brett gave to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce in February 2020, shortly after this show launched. Brett took that opportunity to share his story, more openly, honestly, and publicly than ever before. And after that speech, Brett had so many people reaching out to him to thank him for giving them permission to be more vulnerable, to talk about things like mental health trauma — and in a room full of business leaders, of all places.

When we’re able to see ourselves in somebody else’s journey, it helps us navigate our own. And that experience just reinforced our belief in the vision for this podcast, and we hope the conversations we share in 2021 will help you keep growing and find new sources of joy in your life.


Lessons for intentional living:

  • Understand that we are not our programming; we do not have to be reflections of our parents or our schools or our communities. We each have the ability to author our own lives, to choose our own destiny. Invest in yourself, in what matters to you and who you are at your core, and discard the programming you grew up with if it doesn’t serve you.