Gravity Collaborative Venture Capital

Brett and his partners are regularly investing, co-founding and supporting entrepreneurs and organizations through a holistic approach to building humans and organizations.

Aunt Flow is the most efficient solution to provide menstrual products for free to employees, students, and guests.

Creating a global wellness community around the ideas and practices of the world’s greatest teachers.

Deploying capital as a force for good and raising our collective human consciousness.

Endel specializes in creating technology with personalized sound environments to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve sleep.

Evolver is a platform for content, learning, and commerce serving a global community of conscious consumers seeking optimal states of well being in mind, body, and spirit.

Gravity is a force for the creation of unique communities that bring like-minded people, programs and physical spaces together.

A co-practice for wellness, coaching and therapy professionals.

Meet worksharing. Invisible merges outsourcing & automation to help clients run business processes efficiently.

JLS was formed to invest in the exciting intersection of science, technology and neurology, leveraging the enormous potential of plant-based and psychedelic medicines to heal illness and enhance wellness.

Bold spaces designed to inspire. And curated experiences that create a bond between residents and the neighborhood.

Opening new communication channels between primary care physicians, qualified specialists and facilities to track and analyze the lifestyle data of patients to better understand and influence behaviors.

Earn cash back on your rent. Build savings toward homeownership, or whatever matters.

Hakim Callwood hopes to inspire and bring joy to the world with the vibrant colors in his work.

TRIPP® is an innovative research driven solution designed to help you manage your emotional well-being through the immersion of virtual reality.

W*nder is a naturally-flavored sparkling beverage infused with vitamins and CBD.

Zell Capital is a SEC registered fund that invests in early stage startup companies — open to all investors, not just wealthy accredited investors.


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