Human Garage: Why We Are So Sick & How We Can Heal Ourselves | with Garry Lineham

Garry Lineham lived in chronic pain for over 20 years, and during that time, he became increasingly frustrated with the countless treatment modalities that only addressed his symptoms. He realized the root of the problem wasn’t being solved and set out to do just that.

So Garry created Human Garage as a vehicle to give people the correct input to start that healing. Human Garage is based on the principle that optimal health is achieved through complete alignment, restoring the natural functions of the body to enjoy pain-free movement and a full range of motion. Now, Garry is proud of the fact that medical doctors and therapists from around the world are now coming to Venice, California, to learn the Human Garage way of repairing and re-balancing the human body.

Some of the treatments seem almost miraculous in their speed and efficacy, but what’s most impressive is that Garry can teach someone how to perform these treatments in a day or less. It’s just a completely different way of thinking about and treating the body, flying counter to how much of the medical-industrial complex treats our pain and our bodies.

In this episode, Garry shares how he developed his iterative approach to treatment, why so many of us are sick, how the body is all connected as one, and why he is planning to stop treating individuals so that he can start teaching the masses how to heal themselves.


What Brett asks:

  • [7:20] Tell us about your early memories, before you were in pain.
  • [10:15] How were you “managing your dysfunction?”
  • [18:50] Let’s talk about the medical system that has been one of your biggest challenges.
  • [31:45] What exactly is it that you are doing at the Human Garage (and how is it changing)?
  • [41:35] Why do you believe that you are here on this planet?
  • [47:00] What does spirituality mean to you and what is the language that you use?

Lessons for intentional living:

  • In ⅓ of all medical procedures in the world, the single most illustrating element of their success is the placebo effect, and ⅓ of the deaths or the failures are contributed to the ‘nocebo effect.’ That means we have scientific evidence that ⅔ of the results you experience from healthcare are dictated by how you feel about it.
  • A human being is simply a collection of experiences to date expressing itself. So everything we do originates in something that happened to us. But as you start to wake up and notice the nature of your experience, you start to understand the power you have to reframe and create your experience.
  • Each and every person has the ability to feel the way they want to, physically and emotionally — the only thing that’s stopping them is distraction. And distraction in the human body is restriction, or the (often self-imposed) forces we have to fight against to move through this world.
  • Emotion precedes motion, and every emotion that you have presents itself in your body in a dual fashion. Anger and love are results of the same chemical releasing in your body, and the same is true for anxiety and excitement, joy and sadness. So every time restriction is imposed on your body, you have a reaction that includes and emotion and you get to choose between those dual reactions — that’s where free will starts.