Human Garage: Developing Practical Spirituality for All Kinds of People | with Anela Lineham

Anela Lineham is the co-founder of Human Garage, a healing center where practitioners from a wide range of modalities collaborate to pioneer a treatment methodology that brings alignment to the body as a whole — including the emotional, mental, and spiritual body — in order to facilitate healing. Angela is also a motion/breathwork master and an expert in women’s health, focusing on the biochemical, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a woman’s well-being.

If you listen to the previous episode with Anela’s co-founder and husband, Garry Lineham, you will learn more about the methodology they developed and how they plan to take it to the masses in 2020 and beyond.

One of the most remarkable things about Anela is her unwavering optimism. She lived through the Bosnian War and escaped an abusive marriage, traumas that could easily and understandably color your perception of the world and the human race. But she never lost hope or gave up. “The desire for life, desire for expansion, desire for happiness — that was my motivation,” Anela reveals in this episode.

Today, Anela tries to help others awaken to this transformative point of view, to optimize the human experience here on Earth by bringing us closer to ourselves to develop self-realization and self-love — and she’s really practical about it!

What Brett asks:

  • [1:50] What is your role with Human Garage?
  • [5:50] How old were you when the war in Bosnia started?
  • [8:20] What were your plans before the war?
  • [11:30] How were you able to keep an optimistic and strong mindset through the war?
  • [14:20] How did you get from Bosnia to California?
  • [25:15] Is there a thread connected to yourself as a child that helped you get out of your abusive relationship?
  • [31:05] Where did you escape to?
  • [32:00] How do you fill in the gap between those experiences and what you do at Human Garage?
  • [36:00] Can you describe, specifically, some of the work that you’re doing? Where do the techniques come from?
  • [44:20] When it’s all said and done, what do you believe your purpose on this Earth will have been?
  • [46:55] Where can people start or are there hacks that have been helpful for you?

Lessons for intentional living:

  • We can’t understand the world outside of us if we don’t understand the world inside of us first. So you have to get aligned with your body before you can start seeking spirituality in a meaningful way — and this is where the intersection of Garry and Anela’s work truly lies.
  • “Be open to the idea that this world is a beautiful place and this life is a beautiful gift. Even if you don’t feel joy and happiness, fake it. Smile.” Find something to appreciate and express gratitude. But, at the very least, choose to smile. That’s the best place anyone can start.
  • Be like a child, don’t take life too seriously, and have fun.
  • If you can’t do anything else, move.