Gravity’s Best of 2021: Compilation Episode

After two long years (for so many reasons), we’ve reached triple digits on a social experiment that has been equal parts illuminating, educational, inspiring, and hard work. This checkpoint gives us a good opportunity to view the collection of episodes as a library, a growing anthology of human knowledge and experience. At that elevation, it’s a significant accomplishment and one we’re proud to continue building on.

To celebrate the milestone, we’ve put together a very special compilation episode which brings together a handful of our favorite stories and lessons from this past year. It wasn’t easy. Each and every guest has been gracious to, oftentimes, reveal parts of their lives and careers that they’ve never talked about – sharing their wisdom and most deeply-held experiences so we can unpack them for the benefit of the community.

Tune in to hear from ten guests as we weave a story through our 2021 content to pull out themes and overarching takeaways. Take notes, refine your mindset, laugh, cry – and feel more grounded in your own life and achievements, big and small. This episode is sure to bring you the full range of human experience, just like we drew it up.


  • [3:02] Chet Scott sets our intention for 2022
  • [6:40] Joe DeLoss asks why and does the work to find the answers within himself
  • [11:09] Howard Getson gets deep about love and its place in the world
  • [14:24] Jeff Krasno shares an embarrassing story from his childhood
  • [22:23] Dan Sullivan previews foundational wisdom from his latest book
  • [27:45] Jordan Reeves sheds light on the LGBTQ+ point of view
  • [32:56] Stephanie Hightower coaches us on modern workplace equity 
  • [36:40] Mark Goulston paints a picture of his mindset practice principles 
  • [42:04] Magie Cook’s story goes from an orphanage in Mexico to Whole Foods
  • [47:39] Katy Smith helps us realize the power in human experience 

Lesson for intentional living:

  • Listen, be understanding, and open your hearts to the experiences of the people around you. If there’s one overarching thing that our collection of episodes proves, it’s that we are not alone. While each person’s individual experience may vary, the way we deal with them, remember them, and use them to benefit, or limit, our lives is the same. We can and should learn from that shared knowledge.