The Power of Marketing & Brand Building with Chris Chung

Chris Chung is the founder of Locate 852 and the leading Facebook ads strategist in Asia. His proprietary Ad Hygiene System is the core foundation that has allowed him to successfully manage over $24.7M in ad spend for his clients. He’s also the host of The Chris Chung Show, one of the top business podcasts in Asia where he interviews industry titans on topics covering business success, entrepreneurship, relationship building, and habits.

Chris grew up with everything he needed. His parents – contrary to the traditional or stereotypical Asian parenting style – were very supportive of whatever interests he pursued. Their one stipulation: if you start something, you need to finish it. Going all in on his passions, such as basketball, showed him what it took to get better at something.

When his parents unexpectedly split up, and he lost everything he owned, he had to find a way to make money on his own. He discovered the world of Instagram influencers, that people were being paid to work with brands, so he reverse engineered what the top performers were doing to grow his own following and see success in it. What Chris really discovered he loved about the process was the art of creating successful ads.

Chris applied what he learned as a child to what was turning out to be a successful business opportunity: take a topic you love, stick with it, and apply what you need to in order to get good at it. He focused on just a few fundamentals and built up something that was highly successful. His story serves as an inspiration for anyone who still doubts that passions can be made into careers. 

What Brett asks:

  • [01:23] Can you tell me about some of your earliest memories?
  • [13:41] How did life unfold after college?
  • [18:24] What did you do after your parents divorced?
  • [27:02] How did your life change as you grew as an influencer?
  • [32:38] What are you doing now with this advertising skillset? How are things changing?
  • [39:42] What are your thoughts on the future of brand building?
  • [46:05] How do you stay on top of the changes happening in social media?


Lesson for intentional living:  1-2 important lessons from Brett’s POV

  • Focusing on quick fixes is never going to get you long-term results. Whether it’s in marketing and advertising or your life, there’s no shortcut to putting in the work, getting good at something, and executing it consistently.