Everything is Energy: Attracting Abundance Through Meditation with Christy Whitman

Content Warning: Suicide

Christy Whitman is a transformational leader, celebrity coach, and law of attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of “The Art of Having It All” and “Taming Your Alpha Bitch” and the author of the international bestseller “Quantum Success.” Her forthcoming book, “The Desire Factor,” will be released in April 2021.

Christy was born in Arizona to a big Italian family. She had a sister who was 11 years older than her and moved out of the house when Christy was just 5 years old. Her sister struggled with drug addiction, coming and leaving home constantly. In eighth grade, Christy’s sister started asking her if any of her friends at school were drinking, doing drugs, or having sex. Then she said, “If you are ever curious, I want you to smoke it with me.” Christy was curious, but she decided to do it by herself instead.

She didn’t realize the gravity of her sister’s addition until her sister’s friends called her parents and told them that she had been snorting cocaine. When they confronted her, she nearly tried to take her own life. They calmed the situation down, but that moment taught Christy that she didn’t fit in with her family. Her sister was so troubled, and her parents were so easily manipulated by her. Several years later, her sister did end up dying from suicide, but Christy was committed to making sure she lived the best life she could despite the decision her sister had made.

Christy didn’t have good role models for processing her emotions at home, and the help she needed came from an unlikely source: her hairdresser.

She learned how to process all of this from a hairdresser. The hairdresser was always so joyful, so Christy worked up the courage to ask her how. Her response was “I meditate.” So Christy exchanged numbers and eventually went to her house, where the hairdresser told her, “You create your own reality,” and something inside of Christy just said, “Yes. That’s true.”

Meditation taught Christy a fundamental truth that she had never realized until that moment, and it completely changed everything — she recognized that everything is energy. She would feel her emotions fully in the moment and process through them, and she took an active role in her healing. And her purpose shifted to helping others both heal and attract abundance into their lives.


What Brett asks:

  • [01:42] What was your early childhood and upbringing like?
  • [03:43] How old were you when you became aware of your sister’s addiction?
  • [09:03] How did your sister’s addiction shape you at that time?
  • [15:43] Did you ever understand what was beneath your sister’s addiction?
  • [21:30] What is the process your family goes through to heal from this experience?
  • [27:16] How did you learn to process your healing so well?
  • [32:40] How do you choose your own thoughts?
  • [42:34] How do you introduce people to meditation?

Lessons for intentional living:

  • We have the power to choose our thoughts. Most of them come to us unintentionally, and they end up shaping our lives without us having any say in them. Through meditation and practice, we can learn to observe our thoughts with gentle curiosity and make the conscious decision whether or not to choose to believe those thoughts. When you learn this, and when you master it, you can completely change your life.