Hapbee Days: Empowering Kids & Hacking the Human Experience (with Scott Donnell)

Scott Donnell’s is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to both physical and mental health — a holistic approach to hacking the human experience. 

He is the founder of Apex Leadership Company, a fitness and fundraising program for schools. Apex has raised $75 million for schools and has 116 franchises and three million customers, although COVID has slowed down its growth in 2020. In response, Scott started another business aimed at supporting kids: myfirstsale.com. Families go through a three-week program to learn some business basics, then they’re given an opportunity to create and sell their own products. Some kids are making hundreds of dollars, even a thousand dollars, on their first launch day.

Most recently, Scott joined the biotech world as the CEO of Hapbee. Hapbee specializes in hacking the body and mind using ultra-low frequencies. With the use of a wearable device, Hapbee can deliver dozens of safe, comfortable feelings to your body at the click of a button. You can feel alert, calm, relaxed, sleepy, or focused, just to name a few. Hapbee hits the market in March and has the potential to be what Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach calls “the next consumer-generated revolution.”

What Brett asks:

  • [01:30] Tell me about your early days, how your early childhood was shaped, and your family dynamics
  • [05:15] What was it like having to be the man of the house early on, as your family had to focus on your sister’s health problems?
  • [08:20] Was being a protector and provider an instinctual thing? Or did this experience with your sister make you that way?
  • [14:50] What was your life like in high school and college?
  • [19:55] How did feeling seen as you were growing up help you develop confidence?
  • [24:30] Tell me about what you’ve done as an entrepreneur and with Apex Leadership Company
  • [29:00] How do you manage your time when you’re involved with so many different things?
  • [34:40] What is Hapbee and how did you arrive at this idea?


Lessons for intentional living:

  • Scott’s story reveals that little comments can have a huge impact. A teacher looking at his essay and saying “you’ll probably be one of the top kids here” turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy — it fueled him and gave him confidence, ushering him towards becoming valedictorian. 
  • Inversely, a small comment from a family member has the ability to completely change the way you think of your body or money for the worse. The little comments you make throughout the day may not seem all that important, but they can completely change the shape of someone else’s life — especially when it comes to children.
  • Systems may feel constraining at first, as you integrate them into your life or business, but they can be used to create unparalleled freedom. If your business is structured properly, if you have all the right people in place so that you can focus on what you’re best at, if you own your calendar and define boundaries, you can literally do more in less time.