The Builder’s Journey: Building Yourself So That You Can Build Others (with Chet Scott)

Chet Scott and his team at BUILT TO LEAD are leadership and development coaches for some of the most influential leaders across the City of Columbus and abroad. Chet’s journey started when he left CompuServe after 20 years and started working with influential leaders; he discovered his life’s opus and began his builder’s journey.

His content, style, writing, and approach to leadership is real, raw, and direct. And in his own words, “he’s a friend to a few and a truth teller to many with a true love for the work he does.” Chet is also my builder and has been my coach for close to 15 years now, and he has been incredibly influential in my work, my life, and how Gravity came to be what it is today.

At BUILT TO LEAD, their goal is in the name: they’re builders. They build individuals, teams, and leaders with the aim of oneness — because oneness is the heart of high performance, whether that be for you in your individual life, or you in your company, or you in your family. 

What Brett asks:

  • [02:45] What was growing up like?
  • [11:35] Where did your belief and confidence come from at such a young age?
  • [15:35] How did you change throughout high school and college?
  • [18:25] You are an avid learner now, but you weren’t always. Why were you disinterested in this earlier stage of your life?
  • [23:50] What role did spirituality have in your young adult life?
  • [31:02] Tell me about falling in love in college.
  • [34:20] Tell me about your first job (spoiler: this is a great story).
  • [45:37] Share a little bit about your CompuServe days and what you learned working there.
  • [58:24] How was the Center for Creative Leadership a catalyst for starting BUILT TO LEAD?
  • [01:10:05] What is BUILT TO LEAD and why is it unique?
  • [01:18:45] Tell us about the practice of writing and the experience of writing your upcoming book.

Lessons for intentional living:

  • Passion and curiosity are sparked by authentic connections, whether it’s learning, your faith, or your work. Do you remember being in school and asking the question, “When am I going to use this?” If there’s no good answer, it’s hard to care. There has to be a Why or a practical use to find that love, that passion, that growth, and that learning — and the best leaders are able to help others make that connection.
  • Don’t look for somebody with a lot of experience, look for somebody with a lot of learning from the experiences they’ve had. The best coaches, the best builders, the best leaders are the best learners.