We Are All Having a Shared Experience: Brett Kaufman on Conscious Capitalism

Today’s episode is a speaking engagement that Brett Kaufman had recently with the Conscious Capitalism organization. He shares his entrepreneurial story with the group, 

Conscious capitalism is the way forward. We have to be not only creating consciously but recycling good, quality capital back into the market – into the hands of young entrepreneurs who will define the future of business and, more importantly, the future of our world. Conscious Capitalism offers opportunities to engage, to meet other like-minded people, to grow, and to be a part of the change we’d all like to see in the world.

Topics discussed:

  • [08:48] Discovering creativity and being an artist
  • [10:27] What it means to be on this journey as human beings
  • [23:35] Bretts one piece of advice for other conscious capitalists
  • [28:14] How to take risk without getting stressed
  • [30:28] How investors and VCs can apply conscious capitalism into what they do
  • [35:44] Where Brett sees real estate evolving over the next few years
  • [38:06] Recommendations on starting a new business using conscious principles
  • [41:14] Brett’s stress management strategies

Lessons for intentional living:

  • Conscious capitalism is the way forward for business. It is better for businesses, better for people, and better for the world. If we can get the message out there and show people that with conscious capitalism, everyone wins, the world will be a better place.